Beginnings (2012​-​2014)

by Eyedrops

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It's been two years since we've started planning our escape. This is the story of our becoming. Enjoy ;)


released December 7, 2014


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Eyedrops Bucharest, Romania

Band from Bucharest, Romania

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Track Name: Love Download
This will have been my last becoming
And you will have been my last reason for crying
Eyes wide open and arms wide spread
Take me away and out of my head

Love is for download
Move on the road
It's more than that
It's all i've got

Thank you for the mess you so lovingly create
Thank you for the altered state
Thank you for not being there
And thank you for not taking care

Thank you for the song you made me write
Thank you for one hell of a ride!
Track Name: Go Blind
Mistakes and lies light up like candles lighting tnt
No matter how long, the fuse is burning slowly
No matter the distance, the light will get there
When left alone with ourselves-at ourselves we stare
You look at me as if you haven't seen yourself before
Oh, nevermind the whore
I understand now i know shit

The sun comes we go blind
We see everything now

It's not that i don't care anymore
It's just a way of selling without selling the store
Forget all the bullshit we gave to ourselves growing up
Everything gone-the perfect place to start!
Track Name: Must Have
Well, if this was our ride
We must have missed
Never got to say goodbye
Never got to waste it
All is coming to an end
How i love it
They say it's ok
So what do we still stay
We've been inside for such a long long time

Well, if this was your world
We never cared for it
Never meant to have that home
Never meant to build it

They say it's ok
So what do we still stay
We've been inside for such a long long time
Without moving a muscle
Let's witness the hustle
Track Name: Dance Your Way Out
What about all the plans of us we've made?
What about all the roads we said we'd take?
We never knew where we were going
And it was showing from the afar
Here we are at the door
I've seen this before
You will turn left and i will turn right
I will go on my way and you will catch your next flight
Out of here

Let's dance through the hallway
Pretend like it's ok to stay
One more day

Time has never been so far behind
As i think of the way i will play with my mind
You'll find that there was never any reason to hide
That there was never any reason to step aside
Track Name: La Fund de Butoi
As da totul pe fata
Iar pe tine pe spate
Sa ne dam foc la casa
Sa le-aratam ca se poate

Sunt antene pe casa
Si camere-n pat
Sunt surprize pe masa
Si bani la uscat

Hai pe ei
Hai pe ei, pe mama lor

Suntem la fund de butoi
Stapanii lumii au pus ochii pe noi
Ne-am asternut la drum
Si nu mai vrem inapoi nicicum

Si unde sa fug
Unde sa fug cand Pamantu-i rotund
De cine sa m-ascund
De ce sa m-ascund cand cant?
Track Name: Follow Me
There's sun in the sky everyday
There's money for guns anyway
there's air to breathe where you least expect
There's cannons for peace and fools to elect

Should we go with the tide
Or should we hitch back home
Should we answer the call
Or make alone?
Let's make it alone on our own

So follow me now
We'll start off on the same cloud
I'll follow you down
We'll meet overground,
We'll see all around

No i'm not from around but i'm a pretty good guide
have no fear i'll meet you outside
We'll run... our only master's the Sun
We're one... we'll never hide from the Sun
Thou shal not hide from the Sun !!!
Track Name: Spre Soare
Mai e nevoie de-un om la visul asta
Inca un gand si lumea va sta
Inca un test si ne vom lasa
Prada clipei asteia

Asteptand altfel de foc
Asteptand altfel de joc

Acum la capat de lume
Vreo-ntrebare-anume ai sa-mi pui?
Mai stii cand nu stiam ca suntem ai nimanui?
Curand, la sfarsit
Soarele ne va fi gasit
Intr-un alt mod
Cu un alt scop
Intr-un alt minunat loc

Acceptand altfel de foc
Inventand altfel de joc

E lumea prea mare, iar viata-i uitare, sa fugim
Cu fata spre Soare necontenit in miscare netopim

Ma bucur sa te cunosc, mi-a fost dor de tine
Suntem foc, suntem loc, suntem intamplare
Suntem foc joc, suntem intamplare

E lumea prea mare
Iar viata-i uitare, sa fugim
Cu fata spre Soare necontenit in miscare netopim
Track Name: It's Time
Tired of knowing i know you are
Silently lying
Strongly denying
This world is a mess
I've cut a hole in the fence
And we all fit through
So wouldn't that be nice
We'll have the time of our lives

It's time
We got careless

Won't complain about
Hot sun, tough drought
Just tearing our clothes off
As he walk the ground
We're all, we're all
Naked now

It's time
We got careless

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